House Poetry Competition

It's time for Western's House Poetry Competition.

Please look at the poems for your year category, download your favourite and practise it.  

You can learn your chosen poem or read it from the words.

Those taking part will read their poems to the rest of their house group on Thursday 25th January.

One performance from each year group category in each house will be chosen to go through to the final competition during the week beginning 26th February.

Good luck and enjoy the poetry!


Poems for Years 1 and 2

Animals' Houses  |  Emergencies   |  Hey diddle diddle   |  I wonder   |  My Father   |  New Shoes   |  One, Two, Three, Blow!   |  The Snowman   |  The Witches' Spell   |  There are no such thing as Monsters   |  Upside Down   |  Whisper Whisper


Poems for Years 3 and 4

Bed in Summer  |  Eletelephony   |  Gran Can You Rap   |  Miss Lucy had a baby   |  Please do not feed the animals   |  Slowly   |  Someone   |  The door   |  The River


Poems for Years 5 and 6

Arundel Swimming Pool  |  Daffodils   |  Flanders Fields   |  If   |  Night Mail   |  People Need People   |   The Dark Avenger The Fish